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May 21, 2003
Bah, humbug

"It's going to be a beautiful, sunny day," someone told me this morning.

Yeah, it's a beautiful day for destroying forests.

I see that Christie Whitman, the EPA head, has resigned. I wonder if it's cause-and-effect?

After slapping most of the world in the face for the last few months, the Bush Administration has decided to mend fences by bragging about "U.S. generosity" to the international community. Considering that this country uses five times as much of the world's natural resources as anyone else, I think it takes a nerve to pretend that dumping a little money, grudgingly and with strings attached, back into a few other economies is some kind of selfless generosity on our part.

According to reports, he's actually going to stand up there and laud this country for, "the great role America's compassion abroad plays in averting wars and in solving problems."

That takes nerve from someone who just waged a war that solved no problems and created an international terrorism crisis.

He's a lying hypocrite.

"Freedom is God's gift to every person in every nation," President Bush said recently, explaining what he claimed to be the ultimate goal of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

The president will have to excuse history professor Didier Gondola for not buying it. "Double talk," he calls Bush's pronouncement. "It is so hypocritical, because it is not in American interests to have democracy everywhere. In Iraq, there was a government holding valuable resources the U.S. could not control. So the U.S. took action. In Congo, the U.S. controls the government and the resources, so it doesn't really matter that millions of Congolese are dying."

It's okay if they die while we're in charge, because we're a democracy, you see. Don't listen to any stories of incipient massacres or anything. The Administration's complete silence on the subject clearly tells us that they have it all under control and we shouldn't be worrying our little heads about exactly what their ties with the Congo are or. (Well? Do you know?)

In the wake of a report that the Pentagon has accepted for years that killing people for control of their country's oil reserves would be a legitimate, and likely, excuse for war, and in the wake of reports that Halliburton has already been contracted to pump oil in Iraq while the Administration struggles to figure out how to feed the Iraqi people, tell me again how it wasn't all about oil. And tell me again how we're going to install "democracy" there and keep religious extremists from driving the country's people back into the middle ages. (And what if a majority votes for this guy. Is that any of our business?

Also, there's war in Indonesia but that's not likely to hit the nightly news cycle, either. It's just some people dying, like it has been for the last 27 years. Nothing to worry about.

Who did what and who helped who in the search for those temporarily absent Texas legislators? We may never know since someone, clearly in a panic about what might be revealed, has ordered all the records of the search destroyed.

And what's wrong with a country when the idea that innocent people can be executed is not abhorrent?

And in New York, a guy was given a ticket for sitting down on a milk crate, which just proves that....well, it proves that this country is going to hell in a handbasket.

Bah. I'm going back to work.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:24 AM