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May 20, 2003

What do those guys have against forests, anyhow?

If they want to log, let them plant a tree farm and cut those trees down. Yes, I understand that a redwood brings in more money, but the redwoods are a national treasure, whether this Administration understands it or not, and shouldn't be touched.

Why are we discussing pulling Iraq out of OPEC unless it's so that we don't have to restrict the amount of oil we pump out of the world's second-largest reserves?

Why can't we elect someone whose knowledge of how to build an economy doesn't begin and end with depleting natural resources?

(Why is it always 80 degrees in my office when it's 40 degrees outside? When did we start building nothing but buildings whose windows wouldn't open? If they'd let me have some fresh air, I promise I wouldn't jump.)

I'd say this is a good reason not to vote for Gephardt.

Koehler takes potshots at Bennett (as does Katha Pollitt) and Cheney (via Halliburton) but finally gets to the point. Why does this Administration still not understand the value of people? With tens of thousands of soldiers in Iraq, surely we could spare a few from guarding the oil ministry and the oil fields and put them to work helping the Iraqi people find their dead?

(And why we're asking, let's ask why the Administration won't let U.N. inspectors back in Iraq? Although I'm assuming it's all part of the power games we're playing with the U.N. at this point.)

By the way, I see that Ari Fleischer is all over the news explaining that he's stepping down to "spend more time with his family," etc. We all remember what that's DC-code-speak for, right?

Why is Clear Channel deciding to put a few liberal talk stations on the air? (Hint: It ain't just to make money. Think, instead, of the advantage to a largely conservative media group of getting in there first and defining what the market will be.)

Still, Hartmann makes a good case for the idea that there's money to be made off the majority of the USofA voters. (You know, the ones who didn't vote for the guy in the White House.) I doubt I'll be listening, or trusting, any Clear Channel station, but the article gives a lot of other sources for independent or liberal radio coverage. (This one is doing well.)

(Half of today's links are from CommonDream. I swear, that website just gets better and better.)

Wow. This is an...interesting sort of prospect.

The proposed legislation would make companies accountable for deaths caused through gross management negligence.
If you convict a corporation for manslaughter, how do you send it to jail?

Lies, lies, and more lies. Carpenter is worth reading on the subject of foreign policy lies.

And speaking of lies, haven't a lot of us been saying this over and over?

"We have let al-Qaeda off the hook," Mr. Graham said.
"We had them on the ropes, close to dismantlement. And then as we moved resources out of Afghanistan and Pakistan to fight a war in Iraq, we let them regenerate."
Why won't anyone listen to us average citizens? Quite a few of us pointed out, even before we invaded Iraq, that our work in Afghanistan not only wasn't done, but that we were taking quite a few steps back as the Administration grew bored and moved on to a new war.

Over at the LATimes, a couple of people think the Senate's version of a tax cut is even more irresponsible than the one the White House put together.

This is disgusting.

What breaks your heart is the sight of healthy parents cradling skeletal children. Petros Loka, for example, is a young man with the hint of a potbelly yet he was at an Ethiopian clinic with his 7-year-old son, David, who was admitted at 31 pounds and looked like a ghost. Trying to puzzle out how this could happen, I asked how the family ate.

"The man eats first, and then the children and the wife eat together," Mr. Loka explained. Others confirm that across rural Ethiopia, the father eats first and the mother and children get leftovers with the smallest kids mostly squeezed out. To address that problem, we need not just more food but, above all, education, so that, as in Ethiopia's cities, families eat together and understand the need to look out for their youngest members.

And pathetic. How can people be this caught up in their "roles"? What kind of society can't change to fit the needs of its people?
I talked to members of one family who were hungry because their crops had failed from the drought, just 100 yards from a lake. Why hadn't they irrigated? The risk of being stomped by hippos was one factor, but another was that carrying water is women's work and tending the fields is men's work, and this cultural impasse left them stymied and starving.
I try to make allowances for the differences in different cultures, but that's just insane.

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