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May 19, 2003
No Guns, No Worries, All Lies

Latest "news" is that there's not going to be any punishment for the Administration for telling huge lies about the existence of WMD in Iraq. In fact, they're now saying Hussein lied.

Adelman says Hussein may even have launched "a massive disinformation campaign to make the world think he was violating international norms, and he may not have been."
Let me get this straight.

We said Iraq had WMD. The UN went in to look for them, but they weren't finding anything, so we kicked out the UN and went to find the WMD ourselves.

Now, not finding any, we're claiming that Hussein only said he had WMD as some kind of weird PR campaign to make himself look like a big bad?

I guess I missed the part when he was telling us all about his WMD. It must have gotten lost in the flood of reports where Iraq said they didn't have any WMD, they'd destroyed the WMD they'd had in previous years, and promised they weren't developing any new WMD.

Gary Schmitt, of the pro-invasion Project for the New American Century, said investigators "may well not find stockpiles, because it may well be that Saddam figured out it was better to get rid of the stuff" and start over after inspectors left.

I'm sorry but can we stop pretending that a WMD program is something you can toss in the nearest trashcan and instantly erase all traces of?

It's getting really hard to follow the maze of lies on this one, but one thing stands out to me.

The gratitude of USofA citizens that the war ended so quickly and with so few casualties (most of them know absolutely nothing about the number of Iraqi civilian casualties) is being used against us.

They lie, and lie, and lie some more and everyone keeps acting like it's okay.

It's NOT okay!

Michael Schrage says WMDs don't matter, what matter is that we "called Hussein's bluff."

David Walsh (thank you, David) points out that Hussein wasn't bluffing. He said he didn't have any WMD.

Me, I say that if our government has some kind of "proof", as they've always insisted that they have, that WMD existed, it's more important now than ever to bring it out and slap it on the table so we can all see what it is.

Was it an elaborate bluff by Hussein designed to keep the rest of the world wary and at bay, or are there actually WMD, or were we suckered?

Whatever the answer, we're entitled to know and not even the corporate media's obedience to the Administration's dictate that it no longer wanted to discuss Iraq should be allowed to stop us from finding out.

It's also worth mentioning that, in Baghdad, as in Afghanistan, the soldiers are being ">left to clean up the mess that the Administration is bored of thinking about.

(The last three links courtesy of cursor.org.)

Posted by AnneZook at 10:48 AM