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May 19, 2003
Headlines, Headlines

Gerald Eskenazi wants into Women's Locker Rooms and I think they should open the door for him. (This is the first I'd heard that he wasn't allowed in.)

Anti-Patriot Act resolutions are nothing new, but Arcata goes one further and makes it a criminal offense to cooperate with the Feds.

I love Arcata, okay? For a long time, I had the Arcata Eye Police Log linked over there on the left. I only took it down last week in an effort to get that links list under control and suddenly here Arcata is, hitting the national news!

Let's hear a round of applause for Nisha Sharma.

Oregon Students are protesting an FDA ban on blood donations by gay men if said gay men have had sex in the last 25 years.

Some students say that goes against the university's anti-discrimination policy and falsely labels AIDS and HIV as a gay men's disease.
The students have decided to cancel their annual blood drive, and I don't blame them.

I don't even have to read this article. The title says it all. "If Bush Was Popular, We Wouldn't Need Polls To Convince Us." Still, it's a good article about how polls aren't as simple as the headlines make them sound.

Carolyn Arnold is...well, I dunno. She's kinda mad is all, and mostly as us 'ordinary citizens.' She thinks it's time we started talking politics right out in public, as though it wasn't a shameful or boring topic at all.

When you're reading your copy of the new tax bill, don't miss this little present to the auto industry.

The controversial tax loophole for buyers of the largest, least efficient SUVs would be quadrupled to $100,000 per vehicle under tax legislation passed by the U.S. Senate last night, effectively subsidizing the full purchase price for 38 of the largest and most costly SUV models on the American road, including the Hummer, the Range Rover and the Cadillac Escalade.

At the very same time, lawmakers at work on the new energy bill are threatening to eliminate a successful $2,000 tax deduction for fuel-efficient gas-electric hybrid vehicles.

Color me so surprised.

Hmmm...the Bush Administration did have a plan for post-war Iraq. It's just not working. I'm sorry, but reading this article, it sounds to me as though the post-war plan was drawn up by people with little or no understanding of the essential problems of the Middle East.

There's a coffee crisis and before anyone accuses me of harping on this just because I'm an addict myself, let me point out that this is one of those cases where a consolidation of power into the hands of a few companies has created a situation where the producers of the product are starving to death but the prices paid by the end consumers stay the same or go up. The only people doing well are the corporations in the middle of the equation.

Anyhow. I'm going to go get some...you know.

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