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May 16, 2003
Worldwide Terror

Nothing like a Worldwide Terror Alert to start your blood pumping in the morning.

And, as I check the headlines, I see a lot of terror, and terrorism, going on.

Ecological terrorism, for instance. I say, protect the Beaufort Sea from Bush and oil companies. These people have got to learn that what's really needed is an alternative to fossil fuels, and I want them to learn it before they've despoiled every untouched corner of the globe. In fact, I want the drilling and pumping already being done there stopped.

While taken as a whole, the 2003 version of energy legislation offers less than the $38 billion in subsidies to the oil, gas, coal, and nuclear industries offered two years ago, observers say it lays out a more ambitious strategy to ease regulatory restrictions on drilling.
Last night, by some feat of mental gymnastics, I almost managed to convince myself that Bush wasn't as bad as I've been saying. I take it back.

There are, of course, those fighting the terrorists. The Texas Democrats are home.

"It feels great. I feel great about the fact that redistricting is dead and I'm ready to go back to work and get past this partisanship," Rep. Patrick Rose said.
I wonder if the thwarted Republicans are equally ready to get past this incident?

I wish the Colorado Democrats had done something like this.

"The stupid party and the evil party: Together for the first time". Imagine my dismay on learning from Mark Shields that I'm closer to the evil party.

By Simpson's partisan divide, the GOP is intellectually challenged, but the Democrats are ethically deprived. Well this week, when the Democrats' congressional leadership gave its collective blessings to a back-door ploy to finance next year's federal campaigns by raising unlimited "soft money" contributions from corporations, unions and wealthy individuals -- after that same congressional leadership had led the successful legislative fight to ban "soft money" from politics. Democrats just might be bidding to retire the trophy as both the Stupid Party and the Evil Party.
The problem is that there just aren't enough hours in the day to combat everything Washington does. Not enough hours, and not enough information since so much of this happens on the sly.

In another déjà vu moment, I was thinking something very much like this last night. Consumption is the problem. Our economy is built on a theory that there's always more business out there, always another sale possible. So companies plan for growth to cover their constantly-rising costs and when they don't get it, unemployment numbers start skyrocketing.

Let me ask you, exactly what are we going to do if we manage to "westernize" the underdeveloped countries of the world? What are we going to do when they're all "developed" and consuming as conspicuously as we are?

(Really, it's too early in the morning for such scary thoughts.)

Wait...reading different headlines, I see that that may not be a problem.

We may not have to contend with much of a population in at least some underdeveloped countries because there might not be much population left to much worry about before long.

Some of these people desperately need help, almost any help, but all we have to do is to keep quietly ignoring them and the problem will eventually die off, so to speak.

We do protect our friends, thought, as long as "our" friends are USofA pharmaceutical companies.

Multiculturalism is tricky, no doubt about it.

I'll be back later. Right now, it's time for me to make a contribution to the world economy by getting a cup of coffee. (I think I'll buy a pound of Fair Trade coffee while I'm over there.)

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