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May 15, 2003

I'm not sure I was clear during the me-me-me part of that last entry. It's not about comments.

I mean, yes, comments are nice to get (and I especially appreciate those that correct my errors), but my second thoughts have nothing to do with the number of comments I do or don't get.

It's about...well, it's about contributing, okay?

What I'm asking myself is, "Self, what exactly are you bringing to the party that someone else isn't already doing a better job of supplying?"

And I'm saying to me, "Well, Me, I'm not sure there's an answer for that. I link to stuff, but everyone does. I make rude remarks about stuff, but most folks do. I don't call names or anything, but honestly I think I'm less entertaining since I started taking the high road and if it's calm, rational though you're after, there are better places you could go for that, so in answer to your original question, which I haven't lost sight of in the wilderness of all of these clauses, honest, I don't see that I'm bringing anything all that special."

And I say to myself, "Well, Self, I know you do bathe regularly, but I also have doubts about whether or not that's really sufficient excuse to be airing your ignorance in public and maybe you should be thinking about focusing on your job where you're actually getting paid to fill the gaping holes in your education."

And then I say to me, "Well, Me, that's not a half-bad idea. Considering how drastically I'm overpaid anyhow, it does seem only fair that I should actually try to offer the company some value for their money. I'll give that some serious thought and thanks for the insight."

And I say to myself, "That's cool, Self. Always glad to help a sinner find the path to virtue."

And then we get into a really big argument because me, I'm agnostic and myself is an atheist and it ends in spitballs and mudslinging.

My point, and we'll be arriving at it soon, is not that I only think this is worth doing if someone is commenting on what I say. I don't do a lot of commenting myself and I know we're all busy but those of us who take the time to surf around and read are thinking about what we see, and that's good.

No, my point is that this isn't what I'm paid to do so, considering how many people do it better, maybe I should give it a rest. I mean, look at today. It's a fairly average blogging day for me. I've made three or four entries of significant length. Those of you who also blog probably have some idea of just how much time it takes to compile these. It's a huge investment of time, and of the mental energy I'm just certain my boss thinks I'm putting into my job.

(If anyone out there would care to take a look at the things I blog about and promise to undertake to gather all of these kinds of links into one place for me, I'd be happy to just come and read your stuff, okay?)

My point is that there are starting to be forums where I could go and actually talk to other people about these things and maybe that's of more value than sitting here half the day blogging?

I'm just thinking about it right now, that's all.

In the meantime, we return you to the your regularly scheduled blogging.

There's A Hole In My (Golden) Parachute

Jeff Brown says that democracy is an illusion at a shareholder meetings of "public" corporations since the executive staff and the mega-share stockholders control everything.

On the other hand, the practice of handing CEO's tens of millions of dollars to just go away took another hit as the California State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS) joins those voting 'no' on putting a $36 million parachute in the CEO's contract.

Give Me A Candidate!

If Democrats have such a clear view of the issues on which they can prove that Bush is not the man for the job, why aren't they getting out there with these messages? I could put together a better agenda than some of these guys are offering, okay?

"Bush is vulnerable across the board" is absolutely the truth. There is no area where this country is not worse off than when he took office. How hard can it be to say so?

(Hint: Pretty hard, if you're owned by many of the same corporate interests that own the Republicans. Almost every one of these candidates is scared to death of pissing off the money guys and winding up alone and forlorn on a liberal platform while some more "centrist" candidate walks off with the nomination. My self-imposed task for the next five days will be to dig into Dean's history and see if he's the candidate of my dreams or not.)

France's Knickers In A Knot

France thinks this Administration is involved in an organized campaign of telling lies about France because of their non-cooperation on the invasion of Iraq.

What I don't understand is why France thought this Administration would be honest about France when it's not honest about anything else.

I also see that a number of what France charges to be part of this campaign are USofA media stories and not press releases, which tells me a great deal about what the relationship between our so-called Liberal Media and the government looks like from the outside.


And speaking of the media, I have to say I really like Eric Alterman when he lets go and rants.

George W. Bush deliberately misled the country to launch an unnecessary war that will embroil this country in what could be decades of chaos, mayhem and murder, and cost us hundreds of billions and quite possibly trillions, while destroying the nation’s fiscal health in the process. And Bush’s silly schoolyard boasts to the contrary, bin Laden is still free to kill our people and reconstitute al-Qaida, which remains a genuine threat to civilization everywhere. So I have to say that I wish people would pay a bit more attention to the fact that Bush’s lies actually killed people and will continue to do so.
One of the several links Alterman provides is to a story of yet another military guy saying he doesn't know if there actually were any WMD in Iraq when we attacked. It's another nail in the wall of lies.

Read Alterman's whole column today, if you don't read him regularly. It will do you good.

They PR'd us into war. We know that, but this article is fascinating anyhow.

And, Speaking Of Golden

Having read this, I'm off to dream of, not an impossibly ethical and high-minded bunch of lifetime politicians, but of an Administration populated by intelligent people who sincerely want to do right, really care about the "average voter", and don't disdain to reveal that they've read not one, not two, but dozens or even hundreds of serious books in their lifetimes.

I want a President who doesn’t think reading a briefing memo on the state of this country is really, really boring.

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