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May 15, 2003

Or the lack thereof.

"The administration seems to be hoping that inconvenient facts will disappear from the public discourse. It's happening to a large degree," said Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Police Studies, a liberal think-tank which opposed the war.
Hmph. I ain't gonna say it.
[Condoleezza Rice] said Iraq appeared to have had a virtually "inspections proof" system of concealing chemical and biological weapons by developing chemicals and agents that could be used for more than one purpose, but that could be put together as weapons at the last minute.
I'm sorry. We're now basing our claims of WMD on the fact that 99 percent of all chemicals have multiple uses?

As any halfway competent, USofA-based survivalist can tell you, there are quite a number of common household products that, if mixed together properly, can be used to create "chemical weapons" making this claim look stupid before it's even hit the USofA headlines.

What's next? Is Homeland Security going to start poking around under everyone's sink and hauling people off to secret, open-ended detention because they own [chemicals I won't name]?

(Okay, I read about it in a book and I don't remember what the chemicals/products were, okay? But I remember the day the fumes from the stuff I was using to clean the grout in my shower mixed with the fumes from the stuff I was using to scrub the floor. To this day I believe I came close to gassing myself.) (Yes, I switched to more labor-intensive but more environmentally friendly products. Immediately.)

Back on the subject of political weapons (yes we're back to Texas, get over it, okay?), here's another story. In this one, the quote accuses the Dems of "undermining democracy."

I think I missed this article the other day. In this one, DeLay suggests that the Texas Democrats "may not be patriots."

I'm thinking that if the Texas Dems held the legislature for 130 years, there's probably a lot of their agenda that, well, Texans agree with, okay? And suggesting that 130 years of Texas history might be unpatriotic, well, that sounds dangerous to me. Maybe Homeland Security should take a good, hard look at DeLay.. Maybe Homeland Security should take DeLay into protective custody before those easily riled Texans figure out that he's dissing them?

And I swear I didn't read this before I made my previous post, but it confirms what I said. Everyone is watching the situation in Texas and if the Republicans win there, Dems suspect that they're likely to try and redistrict all over the place to create Republican majorities.

Me, me, me

I may have to reconsider this blog thing. Nothing, not even reading and composing entries in the evening, seems to be able to cure me of spending a couple of hours every day blogging.

I'm not threatening to leave mad in the hopes that someone will ask me to stay or anything. I hate people that do that. I'm just sort of thinking out loud, which is the usual way I compose these entries.

These are hours when I should be working. Helping this fledgling company get off the ground so that I can retire in reasonable comfort some day, as opposed to having to steal a grocery cart and live under a bridge. (Why do they live under bridges? The shouldn't do that in cold climates. It's always colder by the water.) I don't want to live under a bridge, okay?

I like indoor plumbing and I'm positively addicted to cleanliness.

There are a thousand or more blogs out there saying what I'm saying every day, and a significant number of them get more visitors daily than I do, making this blog both redundant and pointless. (After all, I could chime in on the comments section of the other blogs and add my bit to the debate, couldn't I?)

I have to think about this. I'm not sure there's any point in blogging only occasionally, unless you're an expert on some subject and people will tolerate those once-a-week updates just to get your thoughtful insight on your topic. This, as you might suspect if you've actually read any of these entries, does not describe me.

All I have are opinions, but I appear to have a nearly unlimited fund of those. What I don't have is an unlimited amount of free time daily to spend doing this.

I'm just saying. I'm on the mailing list of a number of "activst" organizations now. I can get the notices about sending my faxes and making my phone calls and a quick skim of those websites two or three times a week will keep me current on what issues they're supporting. I can read a few blogs and join the "commenting" community.

As I said before, there's no need to jump in and say you like me. That's not what this part of the entry is about.

I guess this part of the entry is just me wondering I'm accomplishing anything by putting so much energy here instead of joining in an actual discussion elsewhere. Having opinions is good, but public opinion is formed by people conversing with each other, not people shouting into the void, right?

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