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May 12, 2003
Mrs. Anthrax and Dr. Germ

They're the same person and that person appears to be under arrest. But wasn't this arrest already announced about two weeks ago? I'm wondering why it's splashed all over CNN's headlines today as thought it just happened?

Okay...checking...I see it was just announced a week ago (time flies on the 'net), and she was actually arrested on the 4th, but still.

CNN's article makes no mention of the fact that this headline news is a week old. My, goodness, if I were a suspicious, cynical kind of person, I'd think this sort of thing happened to boost the inattentive public's perception of how well things are going in Iraq and how well our leaders are leading us, wouldn't I?

NOTE: I've been informed that these are different women and that Mrs. Anthrax was originally arrested and mis-identified as "Dr. Germ." I knew all of that name-calling (even if this wasn't mine) was going to get me into trouble some day. Thanks for the correction, Andrew!

Posted by AnneZook at 12:37 PM