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May 12, 2003
And yet....

Bush Visit Could Cost Some Omaha Workers a Day's Pay

About 340 workers at an Omaha plastics factory will lose pay or have to work next Saturday to make up for time lost during a visit by President Bush on Monday to promote his "jobs and growth plan," their boss said today.
Okay, I'm just mocking. The plant's president explained.
"Since we have another shift that will have to work, it would be difficult to just give credit to the people who didn't work while they were attending the event," Crosby said in a telephone interview. "The really good option was just to offer the chance to work on Saturday. We feel that's a more fair approach."
Really, that's the only fair solution. (Of course, they could tell Bush to stay home. A presidential visit is expensive.) Unfortunately, (via Hesiod, I see that the workers complained and are now being paid for not working.

Conservatives are dissing equality again.

"Healthy, responsible nations do not send the mothers of small children to or near the front lines that violates the most basic human instincts," said Allan Carlson, a historian affiliated with the Family Research Council.
The FRC, a very conservative organization, thinks mothers belong at home. Vacuuming in high heels and a string of pearls, no doubt.

I say, these women had a choice, both about joining the military and about having a child while enlisted. Why don't I hear Carlson and his ilk bemoaning the deaths of male soldiers who have small children at home? Why is the life of a father of less value to them? If I were a man, I'd be pissed.

For now, the cause has found few champions in Congress or at the Pentagon; politicians and commanders are pleased by the all-volunteer military's performance in Iraq and proud that three ambushed servicewomen became national heroes. But the critics mostly from groups opposed to the feminist movement vow to maintain pressure in hopes the Bush administration might one day review deployment policies.
Just keep an eye on these guys, that's all.

Wirtz keeps telling himself it's not about the oil, but he doesn't believe what he's saying. He doesn't believe what the government says, either.

Many people want to believe it really was about Weapons of Mass Destruction, but that's getting harder and harder, too. Maybe we should rename them Weapons of Mass Distraction, considering how conservatives have already had no hesitancy about explaining that they're going to win in '04 because we'll still be making the world safe for American corporations democracy by attacking everyone who wants weapons just like Uncle Sam has.

And yet.... When I read Kevin's coverage of the flaws in planning for post-war Iraq, and when I consider the various articles I've read, I'm starting to reconsider. Maybe the Administration wasn't always determined to go to war? Maybe there was a decenr chance this could have been avoided? Because if they'd been determined to make war on Iraq no matter what from the time they announced their intentions, they would have had "months" to plan for post-war Iraq.

Sometimes you don't know whether to laugh or cry. Mostly, this time, I find myself wondering if anyone is investigating the reasons why so many people are 'escaping' into the world of Star Trek?

Someone tell the feds that homeland security should begin at home. Specifically, in their own back yard.

Brad DeLong, over at the Semi-Daily Journal takes Mickey Kaus to task, listing some of the major failures of the Bush Administration. The reason the liberal press isn't all over some of this might just be because there's an embarrassment of riches when it comes to things this Administration has done wrong, or failed to do when the opportunity presented itself.

(Thanks to Buzzflash for those first four links. I find their headlines inflammatory and even misleading, but they do find good stories.)

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