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May 12, 2003
Monday, Monday

This is fascinating. Is the internet destined to become the voice of the Left? (It's hard to believe, considering the number of extremist, right-wing groups taking advantage of it.) I only wish the article had been five times as long. As it is, even in half a page, it's worth reading.

Making sure every vote is counted is nice, but I want to be allowed to see the paper ballot and make sure it reflects my actual vote. No, forget that. I want to stick with paper ballots. I just don't trust the people making and programming those machines.

As soon as I've cleared the weekend accumulation of e-mails and voice-mails, I'm going to sit down and read this very carefully.

ABC has picked up the eminent domain story, so maybe this one will get some action.

Don't be fooled by the fact that the USofA is sending "thousands" of people to Iraq to look for WMD.

. . . a new team of technical experts, dubbed the Iraq Survey Team, charged with several tasks besides looking for evidence of proscribed weapons, is not due in Iraq until late May.
I expect the Administration is just hoping that if they refuse to talk about it, the WMD issue will just drop out of the news cycle. (Hey, it worked for Bush's National Guard record.)

I see Tony Blair lost a cabinet member, who is taking this opportunity to speak out on the post-war promises already being broken.

Read this. It's a nice, concise overview of some important news items.

U.S. weapons hunters empty-handed after seven weeks of field work are still operating without translators, have had almost no contact with Iraqi scientists and can't tell what's missing from looted sites where suspected weapons of mass destruction were thought to be hidden.
This is the kind of thing that you don't usually hear about. It's all toppling statues and a handful of cheering citizens but the problems stay off-camera.

Of course, it's possible that we're just not going about it right, isn't it?

Here's another of Bush's patented, "leave no enemy unassaulted" system of filling vacancies.

And let's have a moment of silence for Elizabeth Neuffer.

It's becoming reassuringly commonplace to hear of legislators standing up against bad legislation or bad moves by their government, but actions like this go even that one, critical step further, bringing the light of public scrutiny on the problems.

"They better be prepared to pay the political consequences for their actions, because there will be a hell of a price to pay," said Truan of Corpus Christi, who was then a state senator. "Breaking a quorum is a very, very major thing."
It's a courageous move.

I need coffee before I can face any more headlines this morning.

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