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May 11, 2003
Weekend News

First, another round of gratitude that Salam Pax is back and blogging again.

In news of other places, Frank Wolf asks, "When will people pay attention?" Many of us have been wondering the same thing.

And many, many of us would disagree with this:

Not since the ado over whether Mr. Clinton held up Air Force One on the tarmac for an hour to get a $200 haircut has there been a controversy this fundamentally silly. The difference is that the Republicans scored political points with haircut-gate; here, Democrats are only hurting themselves with churlish and petty complaints. Their real gripe with Mr. Bush is that he looked great; the president pulled off his "Top Gun" act as much as Michael Dukakis flubbed his spin in a tank.

The part about the haircut was just a stupid lie, revealed for what it was, and the Republicans scored no political points except from people who didn't watch another news program for the next month and consequently didn't hear the admittedly somewhat muted retractions of the lie.

Bush's stunt, OTOH, was real, his people have admitted it was a stunt, he didn't look that good, and the questions about a "desk-bound" President assuming full flight gear and trying to look like Tom Cruise are legitimate. (Also, for the record, Bush looked like an idiot.)

(No, that's not fair. He looked like what he is. A simple-minded twit who just had great fun pretending to fly a jet.)

This guy is just bitter because the Democrats are, in fact, scoring some political points over Bush's needless and staged grandstanding.

Does it strike anyone but me as odd that CNN headlined with Bodine, identified as "the coordinator for Central Iraq" stepping down after three weeks and stuck the part about Jay Garner also being replaced down in paragraph four? A couple of weeks ago, when Garner flew to Iraq, he got headlines all over the place. Wonder what's up with that? Could it have anything to do with the reported fear of terrorist activity in Iraq?

Molly Ivins refers to the new guy as "a civilian with nation-building experience and since we haven't managed to "build" a decent nation anywhere where we've destroyed a nation, I have to wonder where her head was.

Bremer's resume worries me, okay?

Maybe not as much as this Administration admitting there are "debilitating internal problems" in Iraq barely three weeks after the first team stepped into place, though.

I wonder what the Iraqis, even the non-Shiite ones, think of this guy as a potential leader?

And I see that we're not even pretending to look for WMD any more. The WMD search team is coming home, empty-handed.

We suck as protectors of the dangerous, too. How could we "plan" to protect the Ministry of Oil but fail to protect nuclear sites? This has got to be the worst-planned invasion in modern history.

Does the NYTimes not fact-check its reporters? How could they not notice the absence of travel expenses and receipts from the other cities he was supposedly reporting from? How could they not question a guy who saved restaurant receipts but never had a hotel bill or a rental car fee?

And, speaking of publishing errors, I wish more newspapers would fact-check stuff before they print it.

Hightower celebrates gutsy, freedom-loving librarians.

Neas calls it Orwellian double-speak. I call it lying.

So far, Republicans aren't worried about any of the Democratic candidates vying for the Presidential nomination.

You know how you can tell? Because major conservative media organs are still fixated on Hillary. Now that she's announced she won't run in '04, they're trying to whip up an early frenzy over the possibility of her running in '08.

No wonder the Brits are our staunch allies. They have the same flexible morality as our current Administration.

And Strauss is right. The genome of moldy bread is both fascinating and important.

Balzar gives us an odd but interesting column on citizenship and activism and the need to communicate with each other, not just curse each other.

Personally, I think that if Wal-Mart is going to stop carrying "guy magazines" covering " a simple earthy equation of babes, beer, gear, cars, sports, abs and how to deal with aunibrow." they should equally stop carrying those "women's magazines" that cover nothing more than "men, men, clothes, make-up, miracle exercises, and men. The covers of some women's magazines are frequently as racy, or racier, than those of Maxim.

And those are my opinions so far today.

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