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May 11, 2003

Bush is agreeing to a permanent ban on assault weapons?

I don't know if this is conviction or a campaign stunt (a significant percentage of pro-gun voters oppose private ownership of assault weapons. What should scare you is the number who don't) but I guess I applaud it anyhow.

I mean, I applaud it because "assault weapons" don't have any place in the hands of non-professionals but on the other hand, how many private citizens are walking around with assault weapons? What have been the reasons, historically, for protecting these along with "ordinary" rifles and handguns?

For the first time in a long time, I'm really stopping to contemplate gun owners and guns.

How scary is it that Bush only has to come out in favor of something I'm in favor of to make me start second-guessing myself?

Am I becoming a knee-jerk reactionary?

Ahhh.... Reading further into the article, one sees that what's in question is the continuing existence of a 1994 bill, so it's a question of leaving a law in force and not a question of Bush actually standing up to a powerful lobby that no one has defeated before.

Yeah, that makes sense. It's less than the headlines made it appear, and certainly less brave and noble than it's going to be spun later.

Whew! For a second, I was wondering about myself.

Actually, it's probably good that it's not an original idea of this Administration's. Lots of their ideas have unpleasant consequences for bystanders.

It's probably less of a deal than it might be, considering the Bush Administration's usual lack of follow-through on what they start.

(What did happen to Hussein's Republican Guard?)

David at Orcinus is tracking the re-emergence of Bush's spotty military record.

As bringers of liberty and democracy, we suck. As oppressors, we have a good handle on the basics, which include keeping people short enough of food, work, safety, and money to keep them more worried about daily survival than about rebelling against us.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:40 AM