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May 10, 2003
Me-me-me, and politics It has

Me-me-me, and politics

It has to be said that in the 70s, as much as I was political at all, I was out there on the Left.

I supported 95% of the progressive social movement, up to and including bra-burning (which I never did quite understand the symbolism of, but which I supported anyhow), gay rights, and legislation to provide equal opportunity and ban development from all of the USofA's remaining wilderness areas.

In the 80s, a series of personal and family crises, and college, distracted me from politics which, under Reagan, disgusted me anyhow. It wasn't until the election of Clinton in the early 90s that I felt the country was getting back on track.

Surely with the dissolution of the Soviet Empire and the ending of the Cold War, the country would now be able to turn its attention back to itself, to re-evaluate social programs, strengthen environmental protections, and address the failing educational infrastructure?

You can imagine my dismay when 8 years of politically driven witchhunts sapped half the energy of the Clinton Administration and forced their already-centrist stand on many issues even farther right.

And now, of course, we have Cheney Bush. My one remaining hope is that the media's newly awakened sense of responsibility (or it is outrage at discovering the lies they swallowed and disseminated?) will hammer home to voters the essential dishonesty of the current Administration.

And of course the Democrats need to figure out who's going to run in 2004, create a platform, pick their issues, and get behind the candidate 150%.

Now. Before the public gets so bored they change the channel again. There's time now to get a front-runner or two turned into household names and keep those names in front of the public for the next year.

Just don't let it be Lieberman, okay?

(I finally started reading The Emerging Democratic Majority.)

Posted by AnneZook at 11:47 AM