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May 09, 2003
I'm just saying

Not all of Bush's carefully staged public appearances recently have been on military bases. He's made the time occasionally to boost the family's business concerns by adding companies that do business with his father to the photo-op list.

The BBC knows people want to take action to control their futures, and the BBC wants to identify itself with that movement. It's probably bias on my part that I'd distrust this move from the OpinionJournal but I welcome it from the Beeb.

Today's headline in the Denver Post: Plan Allows US To Control Iraq Oil

They didn't have a plan for feeding the population, they didn't have a plan for getting water to civilians, they didn't have a plan to control looting, they didn't have a plan for who was going to govern the country, but they had a plan for what was going to happen to the oil.

Tell me again how this wasn't all about oil.

Tell me again how badly we wanted to bring Hussein to 'justice' and then explain why we didn't go after him when a plausible lead to his whereabouts appeared. I'm not the only one noticing this and I'm embarrassed I didn't see it before.

And, speaking of corporate evil, not that we were, but we are now, how about the Bechtel corporation? They've got a fairly evil track record which some people are discussing, in spite of Bechtel's love affair with those in power.

Another thing no one had a plan for was the child soldiers in Angola, but I guess that's because while we're all about freedom for the Iraqi people, we don't give a shit about people from Angola who have been dying by the tens of thousands while the rest of the world watched Survivor and debated whether or not they should be able to sue MacDonald's because they had a fat ass.

I'm in a seriously bad mood today. Ben Tripp may go just a little over the top, but he suits today's mood for me.

Have you checked the Iraqi Body Count site recently?

The Pentagon says 1: Iraq Body Count says at least 200.
2203 to 2706. The true Iraqi civilian body count lies somewhere between those two numbers.

Have you checked out the Natural Resources Defense Council compilation of the Bush Administration's record on the environment?

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