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May 08, 2003
And the Heat Stays On

Back from an offsite meeting, taking a compulsive next look at today's headlines, and I see: "California Teachers' Fund Members Oppose US $36M Golden Parachute for GSK's CEO".

But there's good news from the medical field as well. Helping the blind to see, that's a project anyone would be proud to be associated with.

On the other hand, your vitamins could kill you.

Sadly, there's news here about conditions in Iraq. Another U.S. soldier dead (actually, two soldiers) and illness is spreading among civilians because they lack clean drinking water. Under-supplied medical personnel are having trouble helping. (I wonder what changed the minds of those at the DoD who said that it wasn't the job of soldiers to help with humanitarian aid?

That last article also features this:

The bulk of the U.S.-led rebuilding effort will focus on southern Iraq, because that region "is a victim of three wars, a rebellion, and absolutely torturous treatment by Saddam Hussein over 30 years," said Garner. "It is in terrible shape. ... Everything in the south is broken."
I wonder if another reason for starting in the south is that the Administration hasn't yet decided what to do about the Kurds in the north?

Remember Mitch "I'm stepping down to run for Indiana Governor" Daniels? Sure you do. Guess who's been subpoenaed "as part of an inquiry into alleged stock dumping at an Indiana utility"? I'd bet his chances of being elected governor aren't that rosy, wouldn't you?

You have to ask yourself, what is is it about the Clintons that scares the Republicans so badly?

"Are you ready for a new Clinton era in Washington?" the letter from the Republican Presidential Task Force begins. "...It could happen. But only if you let it."
Hey, put me on the list of people willing to let it, okay? Put me near the top of the list.

This could lead to an interesting showdown. What's going to happen in Washington when the big-pocket donors start a push to legalize gay marriages and run head-on into the Religious Right? It's going to be the Battle of the Decade with Mammon versus God!

Bring some popcorn and let's sit back and watch the show.

And when it comes to bringing democracy (Hah!) to the Middle East, we really should be considering whether or not democracy would suit their psyches, shouldn't we? Freedom, yes, but not necessarily in a USofA-democratic model. Syria, for instance, doesn't seem to be a viable candidate.

Syria, for example, is the only place on earth that had three coup d’etats in one day.
No, I don't see Syria heading down the tame path of open elections any time soon.

On A Lighter Note

I've read some dumb things today, but this might be the dumbest. To lose weight, most people just need to eat better and exercise occasionally. Any adult in this country who says they don't know that chicken-fried steak smothered in gravy is a heart-attack waiting to happen should be fined for excessive stupidity, but it's hardly the fault of restaurants.

A quaint B&B (bed & breakfast) weekend can have charm, but there's a lot to be said for the impersonal anonymity of a hotel.

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