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May 07, 2003
In the News

In the News

Check out Salam Pax!

This guy sounds like he uses Bush's spin doctors. His "war on drugs" kills 2,274 people in three months and he makes glowing speeches about what a success it was. If you can't cure 'em, kill 'em. I swear...it sounds like our current Administration, doesn't it?

Well, duh, okay? Who else would Bush get that would do most of Bush's own work and not want the job for himself?

And the hits just keep on coming on the subject of Bush grandstanding to announce the success of his war. Some folks found humor in it.

And, speaking of his war, I wonder what, if anything, Bush is going to say about the newly radioactive condition of this facility?

The newly released McCarthy material is fascinating, especially in today's political and social climate. I'm looking forward to the time when I can really sit down and study it thoroughly.

We all know China and we know they're not big on letting the rest of the world in on what they're up to. That tells me that if they're talking publicly about their SARS problem, they're really, really worried. Quarantining 10,000 people is worried.

And the link between autism and vaccines is still being discussed and researched, which is good news.

The more I read about Perle, the more I realize why so many people despise him. Giving seminars advising USofA corporations on how to profit from the war? Shameless.

And, also in the shameless category, Congressional Republicans are not only getting their lawsuit ready to try and break the Democratic filibuster, but they have another plan to remove submissions from the White House from the "unlimited debate" class of legislative issues.

I don't believe it's real, even thought it might be, but it's funny to read a smackdown of the Democratic candidates, pointing out some of their major weaknesses.

I knew this happened, but not on such a large scale. No one should be beaten, imprisoned, and forced into a marriage.

And, just personally, I don't think well-known news personalities should shill products in ads designed to look like newscasts. But I'm not surprised to find the pharmaceutical companies up to their necks in this one.

Today's mind-boggling headline? Hooters goes to court to protect its intellectual property. (They've started an airline, you know. Seriously. They're putting "Hooter Girls" on board as flight attendants.)

(P.S. I did buy the New Yorker with the Karl Rove interview in it, but haven't had a chance to read it yet.)

Posted by AnneZook at 08:54 AM