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May 06, 2003
Quick Thoughts

You're stooping pretty low when you start stealing children's books. Even advance copies of an eagerly awaited book.

Seeing economic failure ahead Wanting to run for governor in his home state, another Bush official, the Budget Director, deserts the ship steps down.

Nicholas Kristoff's column is in the duh category today.

A letter to the LATimes puts it well. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights refer to freedom for "persons" and not just USofA citizens. That means our gov'mint ain't got no call to go mistreating visitors to our shores under the pretense that they got no "rights."

It also means that our Constitution does bind our government, at least morally, to treat all "persons" with whom it comes in contact as though they were entitled to the same rights as a USofA citizen traditionally is. (I say "traditionally" because, as we all know, many of those rights are under assault at the moment. Again.)

Via The Note, we should all read the Karl Rove interview in the New Yorker but it seems to be subscription-only on-line. I'll have to look for a dead-tree version of the magazine later today.

And, speaking of today, I'm taking the afternoon off which means that even to my sense of propriety, it would be just wrong to spend the entire morning blogging.

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