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May 03, 2003

I've been reading Daniel Drezner's blog for the past couple of weeks and it's rapidly becoming a favorite.

Darren over at Doc Nebula is rarely political and spends a lot of time castigating his readers for not leaving enough comments to suit him. But he writes well and he's interesting, so I'm adding him to the already-overflowing links list on the left.

I'm following a couple of other newbies, but haven't decided about linking them yet. (No, I'm not being elitist and I don't suppose anyone on the planet will notice or not notice changes to my blogroll. It's just that it's so long already. I'm not going to be able to find anything over there pretty soon.)

What I really need to do is to find an html expert I can pay to debug my code. I've had complaints but I have no idea what's wrong with the fool page. Also I need to figure out a way to move the archives list elsewhere. I know it's possible to have those lists show up elsewhere, I just need to figure out how to do it.

What do you know? I've graduated to Crawly Amphibians on the Ecosphere.

Posted by AnneZook at 09:30 AM