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May 02, 2003
Others In Action

I don't know if I approve of this or not. I'm all about civil disobedience, but I'm not about taking my anger and frustration out on people who aren't part of the problem. Protesting is good. Getting arrested is a hazard, and one that some protesters court in order to garner publicity. After that, it gets fuzzy. I guess if she wanted to be in jail instead of providing her name, that's her choice, but what did that specific act do to further her cause?

Take Back America? I don't know much about the organization (Our Future) but it might be worth keeping an eye on what they do.

Matters of blog

Good grief. What do you suppose is about to be revealed? (Congratulations, Dr. Marshall!)

I'm really happy that John Duffy" over at the Better Rhetor started blogging again, but if he doesn't update more often, I'm going to start spamming him with whiney e-mails.

Have you ever heard of Ashleigh Moore?

Is Aaron Sorkin really leaving West Wing? I might weep.

It's no secret that the History News Network is one of my favorite sites, but have I plugged the mighty-fine blogging being done there yet?

(Via Testify) I think it's great, it's laudable, it's inspirational that researchers are working hard on ways to add feeling to "replacement parts." The potential for the future is huge, especially when you consider people with nerve damage causing paralysis.

I just...I just find it inconceivable that there's much demand for "replacements" in the area where they chose to start their research.

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