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May 02, 2003

Good grief. I'm not sure what to say about that kind of bravery.

Or this kind of commitment.


I think that before they go creating a precedent for extreme measures, the Republicans should stop and remember that they're not always going to be the majority power.

Lies Our Goverment Told Us

I should start abbreviating that as LOGTU.

My mind is boggling. Again. Today I read Bush once again blithely announcing that making war on Iraq was all about 9/11.

We've removed an ally of al Qaeda and cut off a source of terrorist funding."

Although "nearly one-half of al Qaeda's senior operatives have been captured or killed," he said, the terrorist organization was "wounded, not destroyed."

My mind doesn't boggle that he continues to push this lie. My mind boggles because the press continues not to debunk it.

I also wonder, if his war is over, what they're going to start calling the dead people? They can't be 'casualties of war' if there's no war. (Although this bunch, the way the story is told, were criminals.)

And has it only been a week since the USofA admitted that they have their own child prisoner population?

The camp's children are among 664 detainees from 42 countries. Some were captured in Afghanistan; others were rounded up elsewhere. Many have been held without trial for more than two years.

The Bush administration has argued that these detainees are not "people" under the Constitution but, rather, legal nonentities it may hold, release or even execute at its sole discretion. Recent reports indicate that the Justice Department has no intention of trying the vast majority of these prisoners. Rather, estimates on possible tribunal trials rarely exceed two dozen. The administration has simply decided to hold hundreds of people without trial or judicial review at the president's whim. There is a term for that type of prison: gulag.

Let me say that this is the first I've heard of this interpretation of what the government is doing. I rather doubt these prisoners were declared some kind of "un-persons" but I don't doubt at all that the sly dishonesty of holding them on non-USofA soil is intended to keep them out of the media limelight so that we don't know what's being done with them.l

Geoffry Wheatcroft takes time to point out the obvious. When you have them, they're Weapons of Mass Destruction and they're evil. When we have them, they're legitimate defensive weapons. He also points out that the entire concept of a WMD is meaningless.


Unlike many people, I have a job. I'd better go pay attention to it.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:58 AM