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May 01, 2003

I think McVeigh was guilty, the evidence against him was overwhelming, but that doesn't mitigate my dismay at the news that evidence was suppressed at his trial. The FBI needs to do some serious house-cleaning. I know, they're reported to have done do already, but still.

Justice officials could not explain how a letter marked for urgent attention by Ashcroft on an issue that was dominating the headlines could be misrouted, except to say that the outside lawyers should have done more than send it by fax and courier.
Take out an ad in the NYTimes? Buy some television air time? What?

Not surprisingly, Bush's puppeteers are playing tricks with their AIDS funding.

I guess, in a way, it's comforting to learn that we're not the only country selling out our future for the lure of corporate money. I don't entirely blame the government agencies that do these things. When they don't have the funds they need, how else are they to raise them? (Something tells me that the National Carrot Association isn't offering anyone a few million dollars in school equipment for rights to promote carrot-eating to school-age children.)

Norah Vincent has a persuasive column on why heterosexual people need to care about the outcome of the Texas sodomy case before the Supreme Court.

Now that those pesky fraud investigations are out of the way, it's going to be business as usual on Wall Street.

Monday's press conference detailing his $1.4 billion settlement with Wall Street firms accused of peddling tainted research should have been Eliot Spitzer's triumphant moment, but he did not exude a victor's comfort. And for good reason. Having won the war or at least a major battle against Wall Street's shoddy behavior, Mr. Spitzer, New York's attorney general, already fears losing the peace.

One big reason is a cynical revisionism taking hold in some Wall Street quarters. The thesis is that investors have only themselves to blame for their losses during the stock market, not duplicitous research. The thesis further holds that little will change as a result of the settlement's reforms.

I think most of us don't have any trouble believing that "little will change."

When the lies return, and I don't doubt that they will under a Republican Administration, we might not hear about them. The so-called liberal media has their own stake in promoting the stock market (read the book) and certainly as the albatross of corporate media grows ever larger, we're likely to hear less and less of the truth as years go by.

Once again, no child, at least no poor child, is being left behind as the Bush Administration continues it's attempt to dismantle the federal government.

My goodness, this is blunt, isnt' it?

Posted by AnneZook at 09:27 AM