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April 30, 2003
Lies, blah, blah, blah Howard

Lies, blah, blah, blah

Howard Kurtz takes on the story of the Weapons of Mysterious Disappearance and how little the government knew or cared whether or not they'd find any in Iraq. He addresses our nation's rapidly disappearing credibility in the international community, as well.

Others around the world care intensely and are unlikely to be soothed by realizing that the WMD issue was a pretext for preemptive war. What is to stop India or Pakistan or China from concocting a pretext for launching a strike against a perceived danger? If we did it, so can they.
Can, and will. And then what will we say?

Read on down to the coverage of the Banfield - Wiener ( Weener? Or is it Weiner? Oh, well, let's just use his chosen alias, 'Savage'.) thing for today's reminder of all the ways MSNBC is struggling to overtake FOX on the slippery slope to the gutter.

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