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April 28, 2003
Monday's headlines

No, it ain't PC, but it's worth reading anyhow.

Maybe it's not just the USofA. Maybe the international move toward more liberal treatment of people is suffering a setback worldwide. And now much of that is the fault of the country once held up as a shining example of democracy and freedom? (Quite a lot, actually. Our failure to live up to our ideals has tarnished not only our image, but those ideals. And the world is worse off for the fact.)

There are those who think it was all about oil, in spite of all the "experts" have to say on the subject. Certainly it gets more and more difficult to pretend it was about liberating people.

Imagine foreign troops sitting idly, laughing as hooligans trashed the Smithsonian, stole the gold from Fort Knox and burned down the Department of the Interior. That was us in Iraq.
It was, indeed.

Those who imagine it was about the fabled WMD might wonder why we didn't, instead, go after a country that actually had such weapons.

Cluster bombs hide-and-seek! We drop 'em, you guess where.

A U.S. military spokesman did not directly respond to questions on the issue Saturday. Rather, he stressed that is not the military's responsibility to help groups such as MAG with the cleanup.
I don't know how these guys were raised, but my mama taught me to clean up my own messes.

And don't dismiss too quickly the idea that our embarrassed Administration might plant a little evidence. It's not like organized lying would be a new approach, for them or for our government in general. Those involved in previous lying campaigns seem to be in agreement.

And maybe it's just me, but I think throwing a party celebrating what was done in Iraq was in poor taste. But then, I expect little else from Rumsfeld. (I'd like to think that the French, if invited, would have shown more class than to attend, but with diplomats, you never know.)

Other matters

Personally, I think Great Britain is going to regret messing around with electronic ballots.

Don't feel well? Maybe it's bad lettuce?

Maybe it's not just on the internet. According to Safire, getting in your opponent's face is returning as a political strategy.

You should read this for some background on how our forefathers viewed the power of large corporations.

Howard Kurtz starts pointing out the spin already building in the Republican attempt to position Bush as a rousing success ripe for reelection.

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