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April 25, 2003
Ain't we special?

Reason for War?

To build its case for war with Iraq, the Bush administration argued that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, but some officials now privately acknowledge the White House had another reason for war a global show of American power and democracy.
We killed over a thousand people and contributed to the looting of a country's heritage as a showcase for the glories of democracy?
Senior officials decided that unless action was taken, the Middle East would continue to be a breeding ground for terrorists. Officials feared that young Arabs, angry about their lives and without hope, would always looking for someone to hate and that someone would always be Israel and the United States.
Yeah, because killing a lot of Iraqis and taking over Iraq while threatening Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia are going to make us really popular in the Middle East.

Impeach all of them. Today.

Better yet, everyone bookmark the article and write to your local newspapers and television stations and demand that they carry the story.


I'm glad Carty stepped down as the CEO of American Airlines but I notice that the story doesn't mention the Golden Handshake that he was undoubtedly given. I want to know how much it was.

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