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April 24, 2003
Other News

In Florida, they're censoring vampires.

Hey! Hey! The "politics of personal destruction" that Bush was so morally offended by during his campaign has turned up again. This time it's a weapon in the Administration's arsenal that they're turning against campaign opponents.

Remember that fuss when it was revealed that the FBI had seized and held correspondence between a couple of reporters?

The package was sent to the FBI in Washington after an FBI agent reviewed the document and said it contained some information that should not be made public.

In January, the AP was tipped that the package had been intercepted.

The lab report, which had been discussed in open court in two legal cases, dealt with materials seized from an apartment in the Philippines rented by convicted terrorist Ramzi Yousef.

It's not quite a dead issue.

Other People's Thoughts

Read this about blogging being a culture and not a community. I agree. (And, in response to Aaron Brown's question, we edit each other, okay? Speaking as someone who has had a couple of glaring mistakes corrected quite quickly, I can assure the world that a lot of us are getting edited.) I wasn't actually aware that some people thought of it as a genre and I would have strongly disagreed with that perception. And, after over 20 years in fandom, I can assure the world that a broad and vague appearance of similarity of interest does not a community make. (Via Ampersand)

Eszter has an interesting discussion of what types of surveys people ought to be doing to really define the differences between men and women. (Via Ampersand)

Read Kevin Drum. I was thinking it, but he said it and, as always, he said it well.

Via Hesiod, I found a story of Big Brother the government "mysteriously" having gotten the names of a couple of peace activists added to the Officially Not Allowed To Ride On An Airline list.

What are you doing here? You should be over at The Poor Man, reading Andrew Northrup on how Rick Santorum Is So Gay.

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