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April 24, 2003
Right and Left

I found Arianna Huffington's column interesting.

The OpinionJournal offers the suggestion that since we managed to de-nazify some Nazis, we can de-Ba'athify some Ba'athists and then they'll be fit for power. (Proof that being a member of a repressive, totalitarian regime means never having to say you're unemployed.) How does one fit these types for power, you ask? It's simple. You make them fill out a questionnaire.

The OpinionJournal also thinks that the history of the Middle East shouldn't be in Middle Eastern hands anyway and demands to know why all of those valuable antiquities weren't sold to the West, so they'd be in the hands of the right kind of people.

The OpinionJournal also thinks it's about time Bush made war on the Senate, including punishing members for being too independent-minded and not blindly voting his party line.

The OpinionJournal frequently strikes me as a publication run by near-sighted iguanas living in dark cellars, but it might not be polite for me to say so, so I won't.

The NYTimes, in contrast, hasn't forgotten that over 600 prisoners are still in limbo from the last time we got our war on and it wants to know what's happening with them.

The NYTimes, is where Jason Mazzone is pointing out that the Feds forming a "Homeland Security" department and then telling the states they have to protect themselves against terrorism is unconstitutional.

Business may try to undo new SEC law

I think that headline says it all. Apparently Congress doesn't "do" or "undo" legislation any more. Business does.

But then, we all knew that, right?

Posted by AnneZook at 09:07 AM