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April 24, 2003
Various thoughts

I'm sorry, but I can't read this in any way that doesn't sound like, "we don't care how many people we killed and we don't want the people who do care to know."

Should professional journalists be prohibited from keeping blogs? Sounds like an infringement of their freedom of speech, to me. That's like telling a software coder that she can't write any code on her own time. Or telling an auto mechanic he can't work on a car unless he's at the company garage. I wrote the EditorandPublisher and told them so.

I agree that, most of the time, malice or criminal intent should be present before you can charge someone with a crime, but there are some actions that are criminal via a breach of public trust. And sometimes the "intent" has to be inferred from the person's actions.

The Koebel brothers were accused of falsifying data that allowed E.coli to take hold in the Walkerton water system. They admitted at a since-concluded public inquiry that they had faked water-test results and falsified daily logs. They also admitted to drinking on the job and covering up initial signs of trouble.
They committed a crime, in my eyes.

Some people are just scary I'm glad they donít' have Colorado on the list.

No eating, no drinking, while you read this piece of propaganda that claims that Bush is striving to make the Republican party more open and "diverse" but is being hampered by some naughty, homophobic, right-wing, religious types.

I neither know nor care about Bush's personal view of homosexuals, as long as he doesnít introduce repressive legislation, but the concept of this righter-than-right-wing President being a poster-boy for diversity and openness, and of his secrecy-shrouded Administration being a lesson in "openness" made me spit coffee all over my desk.

(I also had to snicker over the reference to the party's " wartime unity.")

Also, just for the record, I'm really tired of hearing the Right's antiquated bigotry, okay? Can we get this people out of office?

France is standing up for itself. Yeah, France! I hadn't planned to respond to this political situation by buying either more or fewer imported French products, but I've been seeing right-wingers announcing their intent to abstain from Camembert and Beaujolais with amusement and curiosity. Maybe I should be voting with my checkbook. French cheese is good stuff and if my ordering it from France tells this Administration that I think they're wrong, well, that's a good thing, right? One thing Corporate Republicans can't stand is voters sending their money to someone else.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:59 AM