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April 22, 2003
I'm going to regret this

I know I am. I'm attempting to engage in a rational discussion with the talk radio guy, Mickelson, who tried to whip up a frenzy of outrage against gay and lesbian students who formed a private club and support group.

I always regret trying to talk to extremists in a rational manner, but I can't resist making the attempt every so often, just to find out whether or not they have any sensible ground for their opinions.

In the meantime, I'd copied the GM of ClearChannel communications on my original e-mail to Mickelson and got this response:

From "McCrea, Joel" Date Mon, 21 Apr 2003 2:47 PM
To "Anne"
Subject RE: Organizing hate campaigns

TO: Responsible Citizens
RE: HATE RADIO, Jan Mikelson, & Worsening Conditions in DM Schools

If you have not yet, please read Rekha Basu's column in the Easter Sunday REGISTER.
Jan Mikelson is inciting to violence that portion of our stupid & semi-insane population which expresses its own fears, angers, and anxieties by targeting others, especially minorities. Mikelson has become MR. HATE RADIO and his latest target is Roosevelt High School. Now Roosevelt administrators must deal full time with misinformed and hysterical callers and were forced to take students off phone duties because of the viciousness of many calls.

Mikelson's comments are unconscionable even to staunch defenders of the First Amendment. Some believe that his comments may, in themselves constitute hate crimes. WHO-RADIO rakes in advertising dollars for his show, and it may save time to approach those advertisers during the Jan Mikelson time slot. Boycotting those benefiting from viciousness is effective.

CSOC held a forum on Hate Crimes and Bullying several years ago, prior to passage by the City Council of the ordinance adding sexual orientation to the protected list. Jan Mikelson is now breaking the local law, and it is time for all intelligent, humane citizens to become active in combating the cancer he is creating in our community.

HATE RADIO is big business in America! Anger is endemic, and the more powerless and disregarded people feel, the more the sub-groups spewing hatred feed on such broadcasts. Hatred not only against national public figures, but against harmless individuals -whether speaking out for peace or wishing to assemble to affirm their own diversity or wishing to buy patches of land for a summer camp, etc. is disgusting and harmful. However, these malcontents and misdirected bullies are also victims in a society where attention and nourishment to those in need dwindles and disappears as money is shifted to satisfy corporate greed, where contempt for law, as well as the poor, is flaunted by local and national leaders.

Jan Mikelson regularly expresses contempt for the Des Moines schools and now targets Roosevelt, one of our best. He out-bullies the bullies by hammering out lies and gross exaggerations, thus giving others the license for more violence. Verbal abuse is violence! Bullying, physical as well as verbal, is a major problem for students in Des Moines as well as nationwide. Here, principals and teachers do not know how to deal with it, and the Central Administration denies the existence of a problem.* It is up to a group of intelligent citizens to address the problems, starting with Mr. Mikelson.

Such a combination of negative forces must engage all who care about the quality of the community we live in. If you agree and have the courage, let us know you are there.

Suggestions to date:
* Monitoring the show, recording it, and calling for a list of advertisers. (WHO-RADIO has refused information in the past; therefore, monitoring and making up a list is probably necessary. If he knows he is being monitored Mikelson will tone it down -
EUR Secure audio-tapes of the show (WHO-RADIO generally refuses such requests) -and file a lawsuit against the station -
EUR Petitioning the City Council to make a statement condemning Mikelson.


*Addressing the School Board has not brought recognition of now action to the problem. The DMPS does not own copies of the most recommended and popular video tapes on the subject.

Joel Mc Crea
Market Manager
Clear Channel Radio/Des Moines-Ames
1801 Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50309-3362
(515) 242-3607
fax: (515) 242-3798

Okay, so..what? Was my e-mail intercepted and is this someone spamming a response supposedly from McCrea? Or is McCrea himself advocating removing Mickelson from the air? And is he the "Market Manager" or the "General Manager"?

I'm confused.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:12 AM