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April 22, 2003
More Shame

There wasn't enough public outcry when this story first broke, or maybe the gov'mint wasn't listening to us (mostly they aren't), but people like she's describing should never have been welcome at any government function. I don't deny government officials their right to have and express their religion, but I object to that freedom being used to preach bigotry and hatred against the religions of others at official government functions.

Read Krugman.

Also, Richard Cohen, who's feeling cranky about the media.

Do you know, there are some people who actually doubt the Bush family - Moonie connection?

In and out. The Ba'ath Party must be as confused as the rest of us who thought they were bad guys. I guess they're relieved to find out that they were, instead, suffering victims who deserve jobs. (This Administration is a disgrace, okay? Just a disgrace.)

Iraqi soldiers are receiving a different reception. No hero's welcome for the ones still alive, no acknowledgement of the ones who died. (Personally, I'm a little worried by a government that thinks not counting the bodies makes them go away.)

And if there's a good reason for regime change, mistreating children and imprisoning them might come pretty high on my list of good reasons. All the more cause, I should say, why we should scrutinize and criticize other regimes that also imprison children, wouldn't you think?

Even if I were a conservative, I think I'd vote against Bush for this cheap publicity gimmick.

Also? These tax cuts? A bad idea unless you're one of the rich folks slated to be gifted. And tax cuts aren't all this Administration is trying to do to us.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development, for instance, recently announced plans to allow public funds to be used to help build churches, as long as part of the building is used to provide social services.
Read it and weep, people. It was your Constitution, too.

And, speaking of scary, read this one from Emma and worry. (permalinks not working, it's the "Via Thousand Yard Glare, a story on the Family" entry.)

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