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April 22, 2003
Have They No Shame?

Guess not. Looks like, bad economy or no bad economy, CEOs made sure they got theirs last year. (American Airlines is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to corporate executives putting the screws to employees while treating themselves to champagne and caviar.)

Their performance stank last year, yet most CEOs got paid more than ever. Here's how they're getting away with it.
An article from Fortune magazine and well worth reading.

Shame, shame. Looks like the godly have spoken, and they've convicted a minister for performing same-sex weddings. He was convicted by "elders" of his church but so far they haven't taken any other action. (No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!) He hasn't been defrocked or whatever they do to non-priestly ministers who stray from the Path Of Righteousness as laid down by the Church elders. (Not to be confused with the POR as laid down by their god, which could be found in any better-translated version of the bible than most of them are using.)

Apparently the right of the Iraqi people to choose their own government stops at the point where they might choose a form of government not palatable to this Administration. If there were any danger of them forming a theocracy based on Christianity, something tells me we wouldn't be hearing these objections. (Just remember, I wasn't the bigot who said that a religious government wasn't capable of treating non-believers fairly. No, that was your Compassionate Conservative Administration talking.)

Where are the weapons? People keep asking. I hope they ask, and ask, and ask, until the Administration is forced to deal with the matter directly.

There are, of course, Weapons of Mass Destruction. Lots of them. We have the world's largest stockpile. North Korea is busily making their own inventory. Israel is apparently sitting on a huge number of illegal weapons. Naughty, naughty.

Blix: 'US undermined inspectors'

American officials tried to discredit the work of inspectors in Iraq to further their own case for war, the chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix has charged.
Well, duh.

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