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April 21, 2003
Lie, Damned Lies, and Talk Radio

It's just my opinion, of course, but I think that when someone descends to mindless and childish insults, they're proving that they don't have a logical or coherent argument to back up their opinions.

Read this.

Read this.

And then read this. (LINK CORRECTED)

Can you hear how ignorant the guy sounds each time he lowers the level of debate by straining after insult upon insult to heap upon the reporter's head? It's not that he might not be making a decent point or two, it's just that the way he's talking disguises any, you know, actual intelligence he might possess. *

Anyhow. I'm linking to this for two reasons.

#1 Write or send e-mails demanding that ClearChannel prohibit its employees from inciting hate crimes against children.

#2 Let's all join the nascent movement for the Left to be the first to drop the search for ever-more absurd insults and euphemisms for our opponents and save our energy for refuting their half-baked agenda and liberty-busting legislation.

#3 Write or send an e-mail to this guy, while you're at it, and tell him you don't appreciate him using a public forum to promote his own regressive, hate-mongering agenda. Also while you're at it, tell the guy to fact-check before he starts spewing next time. If he's going to be a knee-jerk bigot ranting against anything he doesn't understand or any preferences he doesn't share, the least he can do is to be an accurate one.

(* Admittedly, Hesiod does a bit of name-calling as well. In a case like this, it's almost impossible to resist. Re-reading this, I'm not sure I have resisted, but since the words, "backward, red-necked moron" didn't appear in the post, I'm thinking I gave it a decent try.)

Posted by AnneZook at 04:14 PM