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April 21, 2003

It's not a post-war letdown. In spite of the war-related issues that appear here, I never watch war news coverage on television, so I'm not one of the war-junkies hitting a trough because I can't get a fix.

(Well, I don't need to stay glued to the television set, do I? By the time I get home in the evenings I've read ten times as much "news" as I'm likely to get from the television networks. I tune in just often enough to get a "feel" for what they're still covering and for those uncertain, let me say that the 'news' is more interested in Hussein's son's sex hideaway than anything else at the moment.)

I'm feeling discouraged.

Kevin Drum (whose CalPundit has a new home and a new look) identifies part of the reason. I started blogging, not just as a place to air my endless fund of opinions, but in the hopes of, you know, reading and discussing alternate viewpoints.

The war destroyed most of the last of my hopes for that, since it polarized us all so dramatically. There are few of the sites by conservative (Right-wing? What's the best way to refer to them?) bloggers that I try to comment in any more. Seems that the, "Amerika, Love It Or Leave It" crowd has taken over, especially in the comments sections.

Idiots abound in all fields of human endeavor, of course. Those who can't do, turn to graffiti, which is what the comments section on a lot of blogs seems to be.

In any case, there aren't that many of the right-wing sites I'm able to read any more. The post-war nyah-nyah tone of some of them is just too kindergarten to be interesting and others are getting too insular to be worth the time. (Let me just say that I'm not willing to spend my time reading sites whose only "news" coverage is the activity on other sites. We aren't the news.)

I don't have any dramatic conclusions. I'm just saying.

I'm discouraged about the state of politics in this country and so far, no one really seems to be listening. Certainly I don't have any sense that the Democratic candidates understand what it is that I'm after. If they did, they'd try to convince me of their fitness for the Presidency by doing their jobs, instead of campaigning relentlessly. Missing important votes doesn't impress me.

Maybe if this government wanted to convince me they really had the best interests of the Iraqi people at heart, they wouldn't be planning to pipe Iraq's oil to Israel?

It would also create an end less and easily accessible source of cheap Iraqi oil for the US guaranteed by reliable allies other than Saudi Arabia - a keystone of US foreign policy for decades and especially since 11 September 2001.
Tell me again this war wasn't about oil.

On the other hand, Josh Marshall has a depressing entry about how a significant number of Administration officials seem to think that the regime is all changed now and it's time to leave, because after all, it worked in Afghanistan, didn't it? Shoot-and-run.

I can't decide which is worse. If we stay for five years and force the Iraqis to supply endless amounts of cheap oil to their historical enemy, or if we just leave them to their fate, the way we largely have in Afghanistan.

Like I said.


Posted by AnneZook at 09:45 AM