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April 18, 2003
And, speaking of....

That darned Liberal Media? Eric Alterman rides again.

This is an eerie moment in American political history. George W. Bush was defeated in the popular vote by his more liberal opponent but rules from the most extreme wing of his party. He campaigned as a fiscal conservative but has pushed tax cuts that will create a deficit larger than any in US history. As a candidate, he articulated the need for a "humble" foreign policy but now conducts it with a degree of hubris that makes Lyndon Johnson look like the Dalai Lama. His hypocrisy, in other words, is so great as to be almost unfathomable, and yet he has somehow managed to convince the media to admire him for his "moral clarity."
I. Still. Don't. Get. It.

They're lied to almost daily, and almost daily, proof of this comes out, but they keep on keeping on, shoring up this horribly misbegotten Administration? How can they be that dumb?

Well, they can't be, of course. Someone's got to be pulling their strings. If it's not the devil, it has to be their corporate owners.

Posted by AnneZook at 01:29 PM