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April 18, 2003
Baghdad and Bush

Doctors forced to guard Baghdad hospitals after looting

And, over at MSNBC, Eleanor Clift slaps Bush and his shameless supporters upside the head in a way that's nice to read.

More than 60 percent of Americans say large tax cuts now are not needed, yet President Bush is making support for tax cuts a test of party loyalty and patriotism.
Like he's going to start listening to the voters now?

Everyone's fair game in the fight to award money to the rich. Even the president's own party, to whom he shows no loyalty whatsoever unless they happen to be agreeing with him at the moment.

Two moderate Republican senators, Ohio’s George Voinovich and Maine’s Olympia Snowe, are under intense pressure to renege on their pledge to hold Bush’s tax cut at $350 billion. The conservative Club for Growth is running an ad in Ohio with a photo of Voinovich next to a French flag. The group’s press release calls Voinovich a “Franco Republican.” The same ad is slated for Maine with Snowe pictured alongside the French flag. A narrator equates the senators’ opposition to the full Bush tax cut with French opposition to the Iraq invasion.
If the Dems had done this, there would be a national outcry. Why is it okay coming from their own party?
The president’s claim that the dividend tax cut would benefit most taxpayers goes largely unchallenged. Seventy percent of taxpayers would receive no benefit at all according to the IRS. By contrast, the three top executives at each of the Fortune 100 companies would gain an average of $400,000 a year. Bush trades on the trust he enjoys with voters, which makes him a formidable campaigner. He gets credit for being plainspoken and a truth teller even when he falsely portrays his dividend tax cut as a jobs program.
Guess who I blame for this artificially rosy picture of the man?

Yep, you guessed it. That dreadful Liberal Media!

(I can't help it. I'm still wondering if they regret the free ride they gave Bush during the 2000 campaign?)

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