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April 18, 2003
Plagues, police, and peaceniks
The four horsemen of the apocalypse--conquest, war, famine, and death--are currently rampant upon the earth.
I really enjoy the BMJ's "editor's choice" that appears every Friday. This week's entry is titled, "After War, plague". SARS and other current diseases are mentioned.

The USofA is the only major country I can find not significantly worried about SARS. The discovery that the virus is linked to the common cold shouldn't be a matter for comfort. They can't cure the common cold, which is actually a blanket name given for a handful of related viruses, okay?

And, speaking of diseases. I know I've complained about this before, but I have to make sure you're listening, don't I? So, go read this, then call someone or send an e-mail and demand that we clean up after ourselves. After all, as I've repeatedly pointed out, "liberation" shouldn't come with free cancer.

I don't know if that was their intention, but the folks at TomPaine quite adequately refute the Ashcroft Doctrine that the freedoms in the Constitution only require minimal interpretation.

(Add-on note: Also? It's a great article about the history of corporations in this country.

Thus, states made it illegal for corporations to participate in the political process: Politicians were doing the votersí business, and corporations couldnít vote, so it didnít make sense they should be allowed to try to influence votes. States made it illegal for corporations to lie about their products, and required that their books and processes always be open and available to government regulators. States and the federal government claimed the right to inspect companies and investigate them when they caused pollution, harmed workers or created hazards for human communities, even if in the early years that right was unevenly used.
Ahhh, the Good Old Days. Go. Read.)

For those of you who say that soldiers aren't police and shouldn't be asked to handle police duties, please bear in mind that there are military police, trained to handle situations like what we've seen, post-invasion, in Iraq. Unfortunately, they're still still in New Jersey, and from this account, watching a situation unfold that they could have handled.

In addition to being trained for military police work, almost half of Montera's 150-member unit actually serves in law enforcement - something that is sorely needed now throughout Iraq.
I wonder what the Administration will say to this, if anything?

Mark Morford's new column is up!

"The Warmongers Were Right! A gutted Iraq, a low slaughter rate, an Exxon can for every peasant. See? Peacenik losers!"
Heh. Heh.

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