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April 17, 2003
Ashamed Via cursor.org, I read


Via cursor.org, I read this and was, not for the first time, ashamed of my country.

Ashamed for the deaths of civilians at the hands of soldiers primed, over-primed for guerilla resistance that virtually never materialized.

Ashamed for the mistreatment of the Marines by their own leaders.

Ashamed for the lies of our media, who should have been the ones to report this.

Maybe it was weeks instead of years, but the injustices and the senseless massacres are piling up and it is, it really is, a lot like Vietnam. What can we do for the soldiers who have to live with these memories? When the battle-madness passes and they wake up at 3:00 in the morning with the dying face of a child haunting them? When they come home and look at their children...and remember the day they killed someone else's child?

I'm not na´ve. I know that this is part of what war is. The wrong people die for the wrong reasons.

But isn't that all the more reason to wage war only reluctantly, as an extreme last resort, and to plan for the probable outcomes?

Medical care for civilians, food, water, power, policing duties in urban areas to prevent crime and looting - none of these responsibilities should have been ignored in the plan for war, especially by a regime government pretending they were killing for the people.

If, in the end, it turned out that Bush really did have good intentions, that he gave a damn about the Iraqi people, and that he really was concerned about saving them from persecution, even if, in the end, that should turn out to be true, he'd still be criminally wrong in the way he allowed his Administration to go about this war.

He's not the brightest bulb in the lamp, as even his supporters admit, but in the end, he was appointed President and sworn in to the office and the buck stops there. Whether he knocks off at 6:00 and goes to get some exercise or not, decisions made while he holds the office are his responsibility, 24/7.

I begin to sympathize with those who think this Administration should be tried for war crimes. Since stupidity while in power isn't prosecutable, we'll need another charge and "war crimes" just might do.

Posted by AnneZook at 03:15 PM