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April 17, 2003
Random headlines Michael Powell is

Random headlines

Michael Powell is still insisting on a quick-and-dirty vote about easing media ownership restrictions. This is one of those where a long debate would not be in the Administration's best interest since what they intend to do (that is, ease the restrictions) is not in the best interests of the public but most definitely is in the best interests of the half dozen media conglomerates that control most of this country's media outlets already.

What's going to happen in Iraq is all tangled up with why we made war in the first place, but it's even more tangled by the quite understandable Arab distrust of the USofA based upon our history in the region.

Why did we bomb Iranians is what I'm wondering today.

Without public announcement, American forces have bombed the principal bases of the main armed Iranian opposition group in Iraq, which has maintained several thousand fighters with tanks and artillery along Iraq's border with Iran for more than a decade.
The group, Mujahidin Khalq, has been labeled a terrorist organization by the United States since 1997. But the biggest beneficiary of the strikes will be the Iranian government, which has lost scores of soldiers in recent years to cross-border attacks by the guerrillas, who have sought to overthrow Iran's clerical regime.
Is this a group of terrorists or is it not? A lot of Congressmen don't seem to think so.

Looks like it's not only the USofA who has been contemplating the use of torture in recent days. What has gone wrong with the world that this is now a topic of serious discussion for seemingly rational people?

Lacking proof of Weapons of Much Desctruction, it looks like the Administration is turning back to the original, never-proven assertion that Hussein was in league with bin Laden to bolster the legitimacy of their war. How do I know? The Administration's newspaper, the OpinionJournal, if offering us a cheesy editorial dragging up the old claims and adding some new ones. The editorial say we went and taught them Middle Easterners a few things. We Big. We Strong. We Bad. Don' mess wit' us. That publication is embarrassing sometimes.

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