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April 16, 2003
Now you see it.... Okay,

Now you see it....

Okay, Iraq did have Weapons of Much Destruction, you see, but those wimpy U.N. Inspectors didn't want to find them or couldn't see what was right in front of them or something (and shut up with the asking us why we didn't tell the U.N. inspectors where things were hidden if we knew so well) and so we bombed the country and now we're going to find proof that we were right all along except that maybe we bombed or some naughty civilian looted our proof and so we'll never be able to prove it!

But they were there! There was proof!

Now I understand why they weren't in any big hurry to protect the buildings housing government offices in Iraq.

"We are focusing on the preservation of [Iraqi] government documents," Rice said.
That's just a lie. At least, it was a lie before today.
"We feel they will prove very important in finding the weapons of mass destruction. It will take a while because this regime was brilliant at hiding its true programs and weapons of mass destruction so no one should expect that to happen quickly."

However, this paper chase also could give U.S. officials an excuse for failure. Coalition airstrikes and newly liberated, vengeance-minded looters in Baghdad targeted government buildings that may have held records the U.S. military is trying to find. Looters have also torn up the homes and the documents of missing regime officials such as Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz and Saddam's cousin Ali Hassan al Majid, known as "Chemical Ali," who was apparently killed by coalition airstrikes.

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