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April 16, 2003
Trouble in paradise? I don't

Trouble in paradise?

I don't know, but there's trouble in Cambodia and guess who's at the root of it?

Why, that would be a faction of the USofA Republican party. And they're active in a number of places around the world, as this quote shows.

The National Democratic Institute, which is informally tied to the [USofA] Democrats, has also been in Cambodia for years. For the past few months, in fact, NDI staffers have been gearing up for Cambodia’s elections by holding “workshops” for both the Sam Rainsy and royalist parties, where they teach such skills as organizing get-out-the-vote drives and media spin.

But NDI, its staffers say, is careful to offer their “consulting” services to all of Cambodia’s parties. “We’re guests. We’re not trying to undermine the sovereignty of anybody,” says NDI Program Manager Dominic Cardy.

The IRI [The International Republican Institute, which is funded by the U.S. government through a Reagan Administration, Cold War-era fund calling itself the National Endowment for Democracy] can’t say that. On April 12, 2002, Venezuela’s popularly elected President Hugo Chavez was almost overthrown in a coup d’etat that killed at least 18. Several in the junta’s crowd had ties to the National Endowment for Democracy, the IRI, or both.

The coup was just a few hours old when IRI President George Folsom issued a news release calling the coup the moment in which “the Venezuelan people rose up to defend democracy” and boasting of the IRI’s role “as a bridge between the nation’s political parties and all civil society groups” in the coup.

(The coup collapsed a couple of hours later, leaving the IRI and our current administration with egg on their faces.) I can't say I'm pleased that the spinmeisters are out teaching the gospel of lying like a USofA politician, though.

Still. Those wacky rightwingers, huh? Always going after regime change somewhere, aren't they?

And they never seem to get discouraged by the failure of previous efforts, either. Maybe they should get a gold star for persistence.

Fortunately for the regime-change types, the international coalition formed to force regime change here was a joke.

(I'm not saying regime change isn't a good idea. I'm just saying that there are other regimes I'm more immediately interested in changing. I'm thinking, let's clean our own house first.)

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