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April 16, 2003
Stuff Telecommunications companies are inexplicably


Telecommunications companies are inexplicably fighting a proposed rule that will let people keep their numbers when changing cell phone services. They say it will increase their costs and not really make the market more competitive, but we all know that having to give fifty people a new phone number keeps a lot of us from changing services, so that's a lie.

I have to do do some research and find out who McDonough is.

Is Iran getting all tough with us? Didn't they see what happened to the last country that got on our nerves?

It's just a personal opinion, of course, but I think that unless it's a matter of criminal behavior, those "tell-all" books about famous people are cheap exploitation by people trying to get rich quick.

Under the heading of "poliltics as usual,", we find the Republicans moving to change the system because it didn't allow them to ride roughshod over their opponents.

We're still hearing conflicting opinions on just how dramatic that soon-to-be-a-movie-of-the-week rescue of Private Lynch was. Seems to me that, like the toppling of Hussein's statue, this was something the media and the military tried to make more dramatic than it really was. The woman was rescued, and she's going to be fine. Why is that not enough?

I guess we've got a new "read it and worry" move on the part of the government. There's good stuff and bad stuff in this bill. Even the good stuff isn't good enough stuff, but it's better stuff than we have now. Does the bad stuff outweigh the good stuff? Yeah, it does.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:40 AM