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April 15, 2003
Idiot alert (I feel almost

Idiot alert

(I feel almost tainted just reading CNN any more. I may have to quit.)

Under the heading of, "I knew it," comes this article saying that Bush is already pushing for the full $550B in tax cuts that the budget bill left room for.

"The proposals I announced three months ago were designed to address specific weaknesses slowing down our economy and kept companies from hiring new workers," Bush said. "Those weaknesses remain today."
Everyone who thinks this is really going to create jobs and close the income gap, needs to have their medication checked.

The government is working on saving money, though. Don't ever think this Administration doesn't know how to squeeze a penny in the name of smaller government.

For instance, we're saving quite a lot by avoiding unnecessary minutiae like cleaning up cancer and birth-defect inducing weapons debris. Yep. We liberated 'em. Now let 'em die.

Both the US and the UK acknowledge the dust can be dangerous if inhaled, though they say the danger is short-lived, localised, and much more likely to lead to chemical poisoning than to irradiation.
Hey! Looks like Bush was right! There are chemical and biological weapons in Iraq!

I don't care what anyone says, I find Robert Fisk interesting. Certainly this take on USofA military personnel guarding the oil ministry building while letting the rest of the Iraqi physical government infrastructure be looted is interesting. If anyone in Washington cares, you just made the task of building a decent government in a reasonable amount of time almost impossible.


Government shenanigans

Editor & Publisher urges the press to stay on Ashcroft's case over Patriot II. Let's hope the press is listening.

Was a secret deal made to hand over Baghdad? This article makes a convincing case from circumstantial evidence. (If it was, was it a bad thing? Lives were saved. And I see why the White House would have done it. Their war was starting to bog down and they needed a quick, clean win that they could mine for political gain, nationally and internationally.)

And, in the, "can this be true?" department, White House aides are rumored to be about to start answering questions. I have to wonder why this PR stunt is taking place.

Heh. Heh. Considering the largely female audience that "soap operas" have, these guys would do better to offer a couple of guys in a liplock.

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