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April 15, 2003
Interesting reading CNN was very

Interesting reading

CNN was very forthcoming about their past omissions in Iraq. Some suspect that's because bigger, badder things are still being hidden.

I dunno about this CNN thing, okay? I guess I only thought I understood that CNN was the same kind of money & ratings 'ho as the rest of the media.

Somewhere, deep down inside, I think I still believed they were somehow...I don't know. Better.

It's one thing with a news outlet that openly divorces itself from the facts (Washington Times, Opinion Journal, FOX news, etc.) and another for one that, while failing to live up to its "unbiased" claim, still appears to be a reliable source for basic information.

MSNBC, not that it was ever a bastion of tolerance and freedom, hires openly bigoted and racist columnists. FOX, always a haven for the worst of the right-wing, continues to sink into the mire. The only "national news" outlet left, CNN, is now revealed to be even worse than the other two because of being less open about it.

The government routinely lies, not even having enough respect for our intelligence to pretend to cover their tracks. They talk one game, play a different game, and are hiding behind closed doors trying to change the rules of the real game that they hope we never find out about.

I just can't begin to express my sense of disappointment, even betrayal, over what this country has sunk to.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:05 AM