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April 15, 2003
Lying and warring With some

Lying and warring

With some of these reports, you really don't know what to think. As with the CNN revelation of silence in the face of threats, you have to sympathize with those who went to expose the horrors and found themselves trapped by simple humanity...by caring for the individual people they met.

I've read a fair amount of stuff over the past few days about the impossibility of "imposing" democracy upon a people unready or unwilling to make the effort that democracy requires of its citizens. I have no reason, quite frankly, to believe that the majority of Iraqis are either fit or willing. This is one of those I'd like to be wrong about.

And yet...I still can't support Bush. I just can't. I dislike and distrust him and I think he's unfit to be in the White House. Further, I'm just sick of being lied to, okay?

I neither like nor trust most of his advisors. (Nor did I need things like this to know that Rumsfeld is, in his way, a very special kind of idiot.)

Also? Things here at home aren't all that rosy after two years of his policies.

Here's more on the way the war was "sanitized" (some might even say whitewashed) for the USofA public's consumption. (My apologies to those of you not subscribing to Salon.)

And here's more on the concept of war as it's been waged in recent years.

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