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April 15, 2003
Thoughts about war War, the

Thoughts about war

War, the part about where actual people have to shoot at and kill one another, doesn't come as naturally as some people think for most soldiers. That's the argument here, anyhow. The toll of war on the psyches of those who have to fight is tremendous, no one has ever denied that. It's a disturbing pastime. One all sane people wish we'd been able to replace with something more sensible by now.

Of course, the toll on non-combatants can be horrendous as well.

I worry, well, many people worry, that in these days of "sanitized" coverage, people are going to forget how ugly war really is, and start thinking of it as some kind of entertainment spectacle.

On the other hand, nothing excuses the USofA, the U.K., the U.N., or anyone else who knows the truth about human rights horrors and who choose to continue "business as usual" or to impose idiotic sanctions instead of taking real action.

I really do find myself wondering just exactly what the USofA's motive was for turning a blind eye to this all of these years. And, yes, I find myself believing it was money. It wasn't in the interest of USofA corporations to take out Hussein.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:33 AM