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April 11, 2003
Various unrelated items Struggling to

Various unrelated items

Struggling to stay on-theme, but failing.

The editorial in the Washington Post is right. Republican Representative Barbara Cubin's remarks are worse than what Lott said and we need a little outrage.

In another part of the world, Hans Blix gets a clue:

"There is evidence that this war was planned well in advance. Sometimes this raises doubts about [the USofA] attitude to the (weapons) inspections," Blix told Spanish daily El Pais.
Another interview you're not likely to see made much of in the USofA press.

Undernews has an informative take on that dramatic statue toppling that we're all already sick of seeing replayed on television. Essentially, as most of us have at least tacitly acknowledged by now, it was stage-managed for USofA television cameras.

How embarrassing it is to be us some days.

I don't think Salam Pax is coming back. Will we ever know if he survived the bombing? If he was conscripted at the eleventh hour? If he was one of those fleeing Baghdad and now roaming the country homeless?

I've lost the link, but some time back, I posted about a lengthy article detailing the growing use of "private armies" in international peacekeeping, by both governments (well, our government) and corporations (well, USofA corporations). Looks like we're about to see it in action.

And, over at The Nation, Naomi Klein makes a pretty good case for the idea that "multinational" (read: USofA with tentacles all over the world) corporations are slicing and dicing the profit pie of Iraq. They're not being shy about it, either.

California Republican Congressman Darrel Issa has introduced a bill that would require the Defense Department to build a CDMA cell-phone system in postwar Iraq in order to benefit "US patent holders. As Farhad Manjoo noted in Salon, CDMA is the system used in the United States, not Europe, and was developed by Qualcomm, one of Issa's most generous donors. "
How embarrassing it is to be us some days.

Was all of that talk about standing firm on restraining tax cuts to a "modest" $350B just talk? Maybe, maybe not. Yeah, the House passed a package "endorsing up to $550B" but a quick scan of Congressional activity over the past couple of months shows that the House is much more firmly under Bush's thumb than the Senate. Let's hope moderate Republicans stand firmly on the side of fiscal responsibility. (There was a day I wouldn't have believed I'd hear myself chiding Republicans for governmental overspending. How the might have fallen.)

I'm not chiding TomPaine.com for their coverage of the Rumsfeld-Iraq relationship but I do wonder where this coverage was when it would have been useful...in the run-up to war when people really needed all the facts.

Need a little ammo to show that Republicans can be scary, or just need a laugh at some idiot's expense? Check out this BuzzFlash collection of Ridiculous GOP Quotes. I hope they add to this collection. It would make a worthy companion volume to the ones detailing Bush's fight with his mother tongue.

On a more serious note, pop over here and read about how a politician's view of "the system" changes depending on whether or not their party is in power. And about how the Republicans are taking advantage of their temporary majority.

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