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April 11, 2003

Okay, so today is blogging for peace day. I think I'll do my bit by blogging about peaceful things.

The women of Qatar are part of a movement to bring change to their country while struggling for a balance that continues to respect their Muslim heritage.

Here's a history article on the roots of the Baath Party in Iraq. It's about the change the West imported to the Middle East. Perhaps not quite as peacefully as the day's theme would require.

The government continues its peaceful dismantling of our protected environments as the U.S. House approves oil drilling in the Alaskan wildlife refuge.

As a counterpoint to guns-and-bullets war coverage, CBS contemplates What Hasn't Happened In Iraq. No chemical weapons, no attacks with biological contaminants, no weapons of mass destruction, no missiles lobbed at Israel. Nothing.

From the start of the war, Saddam Hussein has been portrayed as a leader who would stop at nothing to keep his regime alive. Yet, as the war winds down, none of these darker scenarios has happened.

There have been no terrorist attacks on America. Iraq hasn't demolished holy sites and blamed the destruction on the West. And while Iraqi soldiers have disguised themselves as civilians, the Pentagon says there have been no reports, as initially predicted, of troops donning look-alike U.S. and British uniforms to commit atrocities against Iraqis.

How disappointing for our government. (For those of you who heard rumors of the discover of nukes in Iraq, be aware that that material was known to the U.N. inspectors, okay?)

Cuba has been giving their dissidents trials! That's a good step, yes? Of course, they were one day trials, purely PR moves by the government, but at least these 75 guys have the satisfaction of knowing that if they were, in fact, collaborating with the USofA to bring down Castro's government, they got their day in court.

“Nearly 80 representatives of a growing and truly independent civil society have been arrested, convicted and sentenced to lengthy prison terms in summary, secret trials,” Mr. Powell said in a statement. “Their only crime was seeking basic human rights and freedoms.”
Independent civil society? Cuba? I am so losing respect for Powell.

Over at the History News Network, P.M.Carpenter gives us a peaceful and amusing little column. "Yesterday's Emergency Has Been Cancelled Due to Political Inconvenience " It's about the changing PR face of the war.

Krugman, who doesn't seem to have gotten the memo, writes not-so-peacefully about conquest and neglect.

I sympathize with him. It's hard to be peaceful when there's war all around.

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