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April 10, 2003
Physicians For Human Rights I'm

Physicians For Human Rights

I'm ashamed that I haven't been to this site since last fall. It's full of good stuff, including those valuable links to e-mail addresses and phone numbers you need in order to add your voice to those standing up and expressing an opinion.


They sent Bush a stern letter about torturing prisoners or detainees or enemy combatants whatever fancy-dancing term the Administration is using in an attempt to sidestep the Geneva Conventions.

It's been over a month, but I doubt you saw coverage of it in the national press. I don't blame the press entirely. It must be difficult to try to "cover" a story when the Administration stonewalls you on it, refusing to even make comments, citing that "national security" is more important than a handful of mistreated human beings.. There's nothing to write about in that case.

Still, I don't think it's an issue that we can afford to let drop. It sets a dangerous precedent, especially with the Republicans currently fighting to make the temporary powers of the Patriot Act permanent.

Also, that national security thing? I know I've whined about this before, but who in the heck does this Administration think they're supposed to be protecting, if not individual human beings? Are they under the impression that the country can somehow get along without the people?

Oh, silly me. They're protecting corporations and rich people, of course. Rich people don't get arrested and tortured, no matter what they do. Corporations known to have done illegal business with Iraq over the last ten years can rest easy. Their CEOs and other executives aren't going to be hauled in and held incommunicado for months on end.

The same group (PHR), has protested Egyptian torture of detainees (anti-war protesters) in recent days as well.

And again they protest, this one apparently published in the Washington Post in January. (I must have missed it when it originally came out.)

Recent reports that US intelligence operatives and military police are torturing captured al Qaeda and Taliban suspects are but the latest evidence of the United States' disgraceful handling of detainees in its war on terrorism. For the past year we have known that US Special Forces in Afghanistan turned over surrendered combatants to their local allies, who reportedly murdered hundreds of them in captivity. Thousands of others who lay down their weapons were crammed into freezing, filthy, dilapidated cells at Shebergan prison. The United States detains al Qaeda and Taliban captives indefinitely without charge or trial, some imprisoned in secret locations in foreign countries where security services that are known to use torture conduct interrogations on our behalf. These immoral and illegal practices are extremely costly to US interests and ought to be stopped immediately.
As I said before, we're setting a dangerous precedent. Is this what we want the USofA to become?

Ashcroft In Action

Refugee Women at Risk

Attorney General John Ashcroft is reportedly planning to issue new asylum regulations which will severely limit the ability of women fleeing domestic violence, trafficking, sexual slavery, honor killing, and other gender-related human rights abuses from seeking asylum in the United States.
Go. Click around. Read. Send a few letters, make a phone call, send an e-mail or two.

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