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April 10, 2003
How Scary Is It? How

How Scary Is It?

How scary is it that the OpinionJournal is smearing the State Department?

Isn't that, like, sort of UnAmerican? UnPatriotic? Bashing Bush's Administration while we're fighting this highly patriotic war and stuff? Hasn't this same publication been loudly calling for the blood of those who publicly oppose the Administration when we're all at war and should be pretending to be united?

Oh, wait. The State Department disagrees with Bush. I see, that makes it okay to take potshots at the State Department. I was confused there for a minute, wasn't I? I thought the OpinionJournal was supporting the gov'mint. They're just supporting the Bush/Cheneyites.

Anyhow. How scary is it that the OpinionJournal, with nary another indicator that they've fallen into farce, refers to Chalabi as a "freedom fighter"?

I always enjoy reading Molly Ivins. Bush Offers Crooks and Warmongers to Lead Iraq, she says. And, as always, she backs it up with just enough facts to tempt you to go and learn more about it yourself. (Also, she opposes the installation of Chalabi as the new head of an Iraqi government, which proves she's smart. If you had any doubts.)

Posted by AnneZook at 09:42 AM