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April 10, 2003
Speaking of Idiots

Okay, the guy shouldn't have said what he said, but considering the audience he was addressing, it doesn't surprise me that he said it. And I'm not joining the folks protesting just yet. Before I do that, I want to know if he's ever imposed his religious beliefs on others, or shown bias against faiths he doesn't share. In the end, he's another Bush appointee and could be another reflection of the Administration's disdain for the separation of Church and State, but he might not be. I'm not shouting until I know one way or the other.

Speaking of idiots, it's probably a good thing they didn't release the name of the guy who, knowing he was potentially infected with SARS and not feeling at all well, violated quarantine to show up for work and potentially contaminate 197 other people. Where was his brain?

Congressional idiots? Business as usual? Or no business at all? I don't think the House and Senate can agree to disagree and retire to their respective corners to sulk, okay? That ain't how the government runs. This whole tax cut thing is getting out of hand. Of course, I still think, considering the huge deficit it's going to create, that any tax cut at all is grossly irresponsible. On the other hand, I like the idea that the government might spend a year fighting about it behind the scenes. Until the House and Senate agree, there won't be any tax cut, that's very clear.

Maybe "no business at all" isn't such a bad solution?

The Republicans really need to get their people under control, don't they? This isn't the first sign we've seen that racism is alive and well in the party today and it won't be the last. We can't, and shouldn't, try and legislate what people feel and think, but how they behave is another matter.

(On the other hand, these little hiccups do reveal the fundamental bias of many of the Republicans "in charge" today, which isn't a bad thing. Shows us how far we still have to go before true equality is achieved.)

Posted by AnneZook at 09:29 AM