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April 09, 2003
All War, All the Time

All War, All the Time

McCain: Special interests fatten war bill

One of them is funding for a program to control an alien species called the sea lamprey, an eel-like parasite that is threatening to kill Lake Champlain's native trout and salmon.

"This funding was not requested by the administration, nor do sea lamprey[s] pose a clear and present danger to our national security," McCain said.

Spotlight shifts to Iraq's weapons
As the regime in Baghdad crumbles, the spotlight is turning once again to the search for Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction - on whose existence Washington based its case for an invasion.

CIA report slams Pentagon's favorite Iraqi
A U.S. official familiar with the CIA report told United Press International Monday, "This is about the Iraqi interim authority. It discusses the factors likely to affect the legitimacy and acceptability of an Iraqi transitional authority in the eyes of the Iraqi public. In part it looks at Iraqi attitudes toward the Iraqi opposition and how the INC is viewed on the inside."

CIA Pushed Iraqi Opposition Out of Southern Town
A local militia opposed to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein took control of the southeastern city of Amara on Sunday but a CIA officer told them to withdrew under threat of bombing, opposition officials said on Tuesday.

Crippled Home Front
The Department of Veterans Affairs is being targeted for billions in cuts. Evidently, President Bush's support for the troops doesn't include their health care.

You could read Neal Pollack if you think you're the only one being driven crazy by this war.

And, speaking of war. Is North Korea is next? Or is it going to be Syria?)

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